Monday, February 4, 2013

Man Sells Six-Year-Old Daughter As Bride To Settle A Debt

A man in Afghanistan says he was forced to sell his six-year-old daughter to settle an old debt. The child, Naghma, was sold to a family member as a child bride. Her fiance is 16 years old.

Naghma’s Father, Taj Mohammad, states that the sale of his daughter was a necessity. Mohammad had borrowed money from a distant relative. He stresses that he needed the money to feed, house and protect his family.

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Kidnapped 'Virgin-Brides' Believed To Be Cure For HIV

The CNN Freedom Project tells the story of young women being kidnapped as child brides by those who believe that having sex with a young girl can cure their HIV. In many African villages, girls as young as 12 years old are kidnapped and forced to marry older men.

They speak of the term “Ukuthwala,” which translates to “pick up,” which justifies the abduction of young women. In some cases, the kidnappings occur with parental consent.

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